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Viola’s Quartet Sponsored by ITL World and featuring:

  • Jacques Borsarello
  • Laurent Daurelle
  • Gabriella Bannura
  • Ane Asplin Gauslaa

When: Friday 27th of April, 2018 at 7:00 pm

At the origin of the ensemble Viola’s Quartet, a teacher: Jacques Borsarello and three of his former students of the Regional Conservatory of Versailles. Their common passion of the viola encouraged them to create this formation in order to propose original works composed for four violas, as well as arrangements of pieces by famous composers.

The formation consists of:

Jacques Borsarello, a professor at the Conservatoire de Versailles, regularly gives Masters-classes in international internships (Courchevel, Guérande, Narbonne, Perpignan, Beijing, Shanghai, and Detroit) and founded in 2005 its own Summer Academy: Alto en Béarn. He is also the author of pedagogical works and collections of short stories devoted to the life of musicians. And the artistic consultant of the festival Les Partitions Bucoliques since its creation.

Laurent Daurelle began his studies at the conservatory of Aix en Provence where he took violin and viola lessons, He graduated with the Violin Gold Medal Award, Alto Gold Medal Award and an Award of Excellence for Alto. Passionate about teaching, he teaches both instruments. It’s in the practice of chamber music that he expresses his musical life, mainly to the Alto his instrument of choice, chamber musician rather than orchestral musician he does not fail to produce regularly for many recitals.

Gabriella Bannura followed the normal curriculum of a young passionate musician: Conservatoire Regional Versailles, Pole Superior Paris Boulogne РBillancourt then National Conservatory Superior of Music and Dance of Lyon. Today Gabriella teaches at the Conservatoire de Paris 11th and the Craponne School of Music. At the same time, she works with several orchestras in the Lyon area: Orchestra National de Lyon, Orchestra des Pays de Savoie, Camerata du Rh̫ne, Orchestra of the Romantic Centuries, Symphony Orchestra European.

Ane Asplin Gauslaa began viola at seven in Norway, her home country. She came to France at the age of fifteen. She continues her musical studies with Jacques Borsarello in parallel with her studies of architecture. She graduated and won a prize to the CRR Versailles and devotes herself fully to the music. She is currently preparing her state diploma of teaching viola to the Pole superior of Aubervilliers. She is also part of the Ostinato orchestra.

Concert Program:

  • Bach
  • Bowen
  • Piazzola
  • Fauré
  • Ravel