When: Thursday, December 06th, at 7:00 pm 

It is Official – the 2018/2019 Concert Season is active and underway with the International Concert Committee bringing to you Mo Zowayed in exclusive concert dinner on December 6th at Al RushaidGood Music and Good Art around a fancy diner– you can’t really describe it, but you’ll know it when you see it. In our case, when you hear it. Live or on the radio, there’s “Nothing Bad to Say” (to use his song title) about time spent enjoying genuine music with no flair or theatre. Mo just picks up his guitar and clears his throat and gives you all he’s got, leaving you feeling glad you just saw that. It brings you from Antarctica to Acapulco or from Mayberry to Manhattan. Mo played in a different place in the area and for ICC we at ICC eagerly sought to bring him back to continue our 2018/2019 Concert Season. Mo plays a folk style of beach rock or surf rock with blues and hip lyrics – perhaps it’s best to just call it “music”.If William Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas lived in our times they would jam to Mo’s music. It wouldn’t be difficult for them to see him live as he is currently touring the United Kingdom with Jools Holland. If Jools Holland is a new name for you, then imagine the type of music that makes you want to tap your feet and snap your fingers – that’s what Jools Holland sounds like. So you could say his music is very “moving”. Energetic, evocative, cool. Mo has lived all over the world and traveling helped form his team. Varying venues and events let them change it up from solo gigs up to a five-piece ensemble. Clubs and concerts and festivals – Mo plays anywhere there are people who want a good time.